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Serving the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical
Industries Since 1982

T & G Services is fully equipped to meet all your
coating needs.  Here is a partial list of our equipment
and assets:

  • 25,000 square foot indoor facility featuring
    enclosed blast rooms and coatings areas.
  • NACE Level 3 Certified Coating Inspector on
  • Automated blast machine.
  • Multiple lifts up to 60,000 lbs. capacity to
    facilitate material handling requirements.
  • Complete collection of spray equipment
    including agitated and regular conventional
    pressure pots.
  • Multiple airless units ranging from 33:1 to 56:1
  • Complete set of inspection equipment
    including ferrous and non-ferrous digital paint
    thickness gauges, anchor profile micrometers,
    portable adhesion "pull-off" gauges and more.
  • Dual feed Thermal Spray Aluminum equipment
  • Tinker & Rasor Holiday detection equipment.
  • Plural component capabilities including 100%
    solids epoxy and polyurea/hybrid urethanes
  • Field services available.
4440 Bluebonnet Dr., Houston, TX 77053
Phone: 281-438-8072
Fax: 281-438-4086

T&G Services is a subsidiary of Gary Mabry Services, Inc.