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T & G Services is proud of our proven track record of providing
quality coatings at an affordable price that meet delivery
schedules.  Skilled at applying zinc-rich coatings, epoxies,
urethanes, alkyds and most other liquid coatings, rest assured
that we bring the knowledge and expertise to deliver your project
on time and per a price you can afford.

Need Hybrid Urethanes or Polyureas?  What about Thermal Spray
Aluminum?  We are expert applicators of these materials as well,
so don't hesitate to contact us for ALL your coating needs.  
location or ours!
Serving the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical
Industries Since 1982
4440 Bluebonnet Dr., Houston, TX 77053
Phone: 281-438-8072
Fax: 281-438-4086

T&G Services is a subsidiary of Gary Mabry Services, Inc.